Nearly 200 Goats Invade California Neighborhood

Zach Roelands/Twitter, Screenshot

Approximately 200 goats descended upon an east San Jose neighborhood on Tuesday evening.

After one goat tripped the electric fence — breaking some of the boards in the process — the entire tribe decided to make a break for it. Approximately 200 goats ran roughshod over the neighborhood, devouring flowers and potted plants. In their wake, a trail of bald greenery and 200 goats worth of… Let’s call it “free fertilizer.”

“I’m dead,” owner Terry Roelands’ son Zach tweeted. “When I got back from the store all the goats had broken through the fence and were [wreaking] havoc on our street,” he said. “This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine.”

The goats are brought to the area annually, in order to clear hillside brush. “We had a tractor try to cut all the weeds a few years ago and it hit a rock and set the whole hill on fire,” Roelands explained. This year, they may have been just a tad too productive.

He told the Mercury News they were nevertheless rounded up quickly. Still, it was “chaos. Pure chaos,” he said.


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