Strategist Ana Navarro (L) and Author Ana Marie Cox speak during NYT Mag Live: A Special Politics Edition at Neuehouse on October 27, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for New York Times)

CNN’s Ana Navarro Called Donald Trump an ‘Animal’

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump described the brutal Mexican gang MS-13 as “animals,” and our esteemed establishment media immediately shifted into sputtering outrage mode. But when CNN’s Ana Navarro publicly described Trump as an “animal,” she faced no professional consequences whatsoever. Quite the opposite, in fact.


Deer Prances Into Berkeley Pool, Goes for Swim

A deer, which was apparently seeking refuge from California’s scorching summer heat, plunged into the pool at King Middle School in Berkeley as dozens of students were participating in swimming lessons.

Comedian Leaves Hilarious ‘Animal Facts’ Placards at L.A. Zoo

Comedian Hangs Up Hilarious ‘Animal Facts’ at L.A. Zoo

A California comedian who cavorts on social media under the name “Obvious Plant” left a series of fake “Animal Facts” placards around the Los Angeles Zoo this weekend, delighting some and confusing others with the offbeat claims about the creatures around them.

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Netanyahu’s Pooch Quarantined After Biting Hanukkah Guests

The New York Post reports: Israel’s first canine is in the dog house after biting two guests at the Prime Minister’s Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony. Benjamin Netanyahu posted a family portrait — including his wife, two sons and dog Kaiya —on


7 Half-Pound Mutts Become First Test-Tube Puppies in World

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A team of veterinarians, scientists and lab workers gathered around a surrogate hound and watched her give birth to seven half-pound puppies, the first dogs ever conceived in a test tube.

Golden Retriever

Dying Golden Retriever Gets ‘Bucket List’ Wishes

A golden retriever named Kobe, dying of a brain tumor, is getting a whirlwind tour in his last days, as the Mira Mesa couple that owns him is treating him to trips, including one to Sea World to see Shamu.


Bangladesh Names Farmer Who Killed 160,000 Rats a National Hero

On Thursday, Bangladesh celebrated the extraordinary rat-slaying achievements of 55-year-old farmer Abdul Khaleq Mirbohor, who took national honors plus a cash prize valued at $250 USD, for leading a team of mostly female volunteers in the killing of some 160,000 rats.


PETA Wants a Grave Marker Where Pigs Died in Pennsylvania Highway Crash

On August 17, a tractor-trailer hauling pigs overturned on Route 30 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, killing several pigs. Now animal rights group PETA is demanding that state officials erect a grave marker to memorialize the lives of the pigs at the site of the crash.


EPA Can’t Figure Out What to Do with 300 Million Tons of Animal Poop

When President Obama came into office, his appointees to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promised anti-farm activists and other environmental groups that a crackdown on animal waste was in the works. But nearly seven years later, no new rules have been proposed on how to further restrict about 300 million tons per year of animal waste, causing activists to cry foul.

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Cecil the Lion Gets His Own Beanie Baby

Ty Inc. has unveiled a special Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby plush toy to honor the Zimbabwean lion who was killed last month in a big game hunt.


Salon: Animals Are People Too

Salon has brilliantly presented the argument that animals should be considered people, positing that the antiquated notion of a line of demarcation between humans and animals should be discarded.