Kate Middleton's 'Sextrepreneur' Friend Launches Orgies for Over-45s

Kate Middleton's 'Sextrepreneur' Friend Launches Orgies for Over-45s

A school friend of the Duchess of Cambridge, who is already known for organising sex parties for young actors and models, has started organising orgies for older people.

Emma Sayle says that she hopes to cash in on middle-aged people and help them ‘explore their fantasies’. She already runs parties called “Killing Kittens”, in which 18 to 45 year olds attend glamorous black-tie parties before ‘retiring’ to candle-lit boudoirs.

Now, she has launched “Silver Kittens” parties for over-45s.

Sayle, who went to Downe House school where Kate Middleton was also a pupil, told the Mail of Sunday: “My mum made a joke about Saga Kittens [referring to the Saga travel agency who organise breaks for older people], but it was the obvious thing to do.

“When people are older they have less body hang-ups and more disposable income. People don’t stop having sex at the age of 45.”

Talking about her first party for older people, she added: “Our first event went really well. The oldest person there was a guy aged 60, but he was in good shape. He had an air of confidence – sexiness comes down to confidence.

“You can get a lot of stunning catwalk models in their 20s who are not confident. There’s nothing sexy about them. Older people just don’t care.”

Sayle is currently three-months pregnant by her boyfriend, James Tindall, a field hockey player who has twice represented Britain at the Olympics, but says that her pregnancy does not stop her attending.

I don’t have any qualms about being pregnant at the parties. It’s like anyone going into their office.”

She even added: “Besides, we’ve had pregnant girls actually taking part before – some with really big bumps.”

Applicants for the parties need to submit a recent photograph, and only people deemed good looking are able to attend. “Our members are paying good money and we have to give them what they want,” she said.

And commenting on what counts as good looking, she added that while “they don’t have to be supermodel quality,” there is a limit: “You get some really sexy women who are size 16, [but] to be honest someone who is a size 20 is not going to be allowed in.”

Ms Sayle was last with Kate Middleton 2007, when she joined the future Duchess in a charity dragonboat race.

She now plans to bring her parties to America, and also wants to launch an app similar to Tinder, allowing members of her parties to search for others who are nearby.

Commenting on the sort of people who attend her younger parties she said: “We’ve have had a few MPs and famous singers. We haven’t had any Royals yet but there have been a few A-list actors and actresses – but I couldn’t reveal who.”