LISTEN: Callers Flood The BBC With Complaints Over Migrant Crisis Bias

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A compilation of disturbing evidence of BBC bias surrounding the migrant crisis has been uploaded to YouTube, and appears to show radio host Stephen Nolan at odds with much of his listenership.

Although crudely cut, the clip (below) doesn’t just show the BBC’s tactic of demonising and baiting listeners who don’t subscribe to its “open borders/let all the migrants in” narrative, it also reveals that the publicly funded broadcaster is willing to silence, or cut off callers that it doesn’t want – in Nolan’s words – “taking up the airwaves”.

Nolan – a presenter on BBC 5 Live and BBC Northern Ireland – can be heard ignoring the clearly agitated callers’ requests for balance in their coverage, with multiple people telling him that they are sick of being made to feel perpetually guilty about the migrant crisis.

Despite the fact that 75 per cent of those coming to Europe from Syria are fighting age Muslim men, Nolan refuses to accept that we might not know who we as European nations are welcoming to the continent with open arms, instead seeking to emotionally blackmail his listeners with endless talk about “the children” who only make up around 10-15 per cent of Syrian migrants.

Towards the end of the clip, Nolan is asked to apologise by a number of callers, to a caller from the day before who they claim had been “slandered”. Nolan refuses, and says that those who wish to complain about his coverage should complain to the BBC directly rather than calling into his radio programme.

Breitbart London understands that a number of people have since complained about Nolan’s performance on the BBC Radio 5 Live station, citing the Stephan Nolan shows of the 5th or 6th of September. The incidents occurred around 20 minutes into the programme.

Specifically, complaints have been made about the treatment of “John from Swansea” who Nolan took to task on air.



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