PEGIDA Hymn Knocks Adele From Top of German Singles Chart


A wordless hymn released to raise funds for the German anti-Islamisation group PEGIDA has knocked British pop sensation Adele off of the top of the Amazon singles chart.

The instrumental tune, named “Gemeinsam sind wir stark!” Or “Together we’re strong” has been rapidly rising up the Amazon chart since it became available online on the 4th of December.

It has been in the top 100 for four days now, and has almost 150,000 plays on YouTube.

“Thanks to all patriots, which have made this sensation possible that PEGIDA after a few days is already No. 2 in the sales charts,” the founder and leader of PEGIDA, Lutz Bachmann wrote on Facebook just before his organisation’s song took the top spot.

“Friends, we have number 1 place!” he added just moments later.

He also lambasted the “lying press” and thanked all of the “comments from the dumb lefties” for their song “racing up the charts – meaning more sales for us.”

Many online have mocked the song for it’s lack of lyrics, suggesting that PEGIDA followers are stupid and could not remember the words if it had any.

Others have suggested that the wordless hymn is representative of the group’s passive and peaceful approach to protests.

The movement first emerged in October 2014, organising weekly silent demonstrations against the Islamisation of the western world in Dresden. 

The demonstrations are described as ‘strolls’ instead of ‘marches’, in the model of the peaceful protests made in Germany and Poland against the former communist regimes.

The majority of arrests occurring at the strolls are found among the left wing, ‘anti-fascist’ counter-protesters for whom throwing fireworks, glass bottles, and stones is normal.

PEGIDA has seen a massive resurgence in support since the onset of the migrants crisis, whereby more that a million, mostly Muslim, migrants have entered Germany this year alone.


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