David Cameron: ‘Britain Is Racist’, Appoints Race-Baiter David Lammy To Fix It


Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, has returned to left-wing form today, alleging that Britain is racist because, as he states: “you’re more likely [as a black man] to be in a prison cell than studying at a top university”.

Writing for The Sunday Times newspaper, Mr. Cameron says that Britain is NOT trying to achieve a “process of total assimilation” but rather, a country where “our shared British values should help us to live side by side”.

His words, a boon to the segregationist, multiculturalists in Britain, will no doubt cause concern amongst those who don’t support the idea of positive discrimination or quotas – many of whom are still those who vote for his ‘Conservative’ Party.

He writes: “…it’s clear that we’ve still got some distance to travel to achieve the One Nation ideal. Consider this: if you’re a young black man, you’re more likely to be in a prison cell than studying at a top university. Only one in 10 of the poorest white boys go into higher education at all. There are no black generals in our armed forces and just 4% of chief executives in the FTSE 100 are from ethnic minorities.”

“What does this say about modern Britain? Are these just the symptoms of class divisions or a lack of equal opportunity? Or is it something worse — something more ingrained, institutional and insidious? We’ve come a long way — including in my own party. When I became an MP in 2001, I barely had a single colleague from an ethnic minority background. Today our MPs include the sons, daughters and grandchildren of Ghanaians, east African Indians, Iranian dissidents, Pakistanis and Indians. But there is much more to do, and these examples I mention should shame our country and jolt us into action.

His opinion piece is perhaps self contradictory. After citing the problem of not having enough Black and Ethnic Minorities (BAME) in top positions in the UK, he writes: “Quotas don’t fix the underlying problems. To succeed, we must be far more demanding of our institutions, and be relentless in the pursuit of creative answers.”

He adds: “One area we should look at is the criminal justice system. It’s disgraceful that if you’re black, it seems you’re more likely to be sentenced to custody for a crime than if you’re white. We should investigate why this is and how we can end this possible discrimination.”

Mr. Cameron has announced this morning that he has appointed the race-baiting Member of Parliament David Lammy (Labour) to look into the issue. Mr. Lammy has in fact called for quotas in the form of “all ethnic short lists”.

He was roundly ridiculed recently for claiming that Indian WWII soldiers fighting with the British Army died fighting for “the European Project”, and also claimed that the Vatican’s process of using black or white smoke to indicate the selection of a new pope is “racist”.

Mr. Cameron adds: “It’s striking that in 2014, our top university, Oxford, accepted just 27 black men and women out of an intake of more than 2,500. I know the reasons are complex, including poor schooling, but I worry that the university I was so proud to attend is not doing enough to attract talent from across our country. And these problems go deep elsewhere, too: white British men from poor backgrounds are five times less likely to go into higher education than others.”

You can read the full opinion piece here (£).


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