Sir Bob Geldof: Vote Remain If You’ve Got A Big Yacht And Hate Proles


Nigel Farage’s pro-Brexit flotilla down the Thames has run into opposition from Vote Remain boats under the command of multi-millionaire pop star and SFJW (Social Focking Justice Warrior) Sir Bob Geldof.

Harsh words have been exchanged; collisions only narrowly averted; one fishing boat has drenched Geldof’s with a hose.


Gosh: I wonder which group is more likely to enlist the sympathy of ordinary people still unsure which way to vote.

Will it be

a) the former – comprising boatloads of  fishermen whose livelihoods have been all but eradicated by Britain’s EU membership?


b) the latter – a gin palace commandeered by a multi-millionaire pillar of the global elite (who isn’t even a British subject and therefore not entitled to vote in this referendum) and packed to the gills with pro-EU reporters and members of the wankerati, blaring out noise from its extravagant sound system and pouring scorn on the smelly fisher proles nearby?

My personal guess is that it won’t be b).

In fact, if the Brexiteers do win this referendum, I suspect it will have less to do with anything they have said or done themselves than it has with the extraordinary arrogance of the Remainers.


Here are some examples of the kind of sneering, metropolitan contemptuousness which does Remain so few favours.

At least one person on Cap’n Bob’s Remain boat realised how utterly self-defeating this arrogance will prove.

Bethany Pickering describes herself as “Socialist, feminist, environmentalist; all the snazzy ideologies. Politics undergrad at Queen Mary University London, Yorkshire born ‘n bred. LGBT+ Officer for QM Labour Society” – so I don’t think she’ll be exactly overjoyed being quoted at Breitbart, let alone praised by us.

Still, she has got it dead right and I do salute her honesty and insight.

In Britain, as in the US, people are beginning to wake up to the fact that it’s not about left and right any more. It’s about the people against the Establishment elite.

Indeed I think I see a new Brexit campaign slogan coming on.

“Vote Leave: because Sir Bob Geldof thinks you’re a c***!”



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