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DELINGPOLE: We Won Brexit But the Same Dreary Losers Are Still In Charge

There is still much dispute as to precisely what it was that persuaded 17.4 million Britons to vote for Brexit last year. Some may have done it to regain Britain’s sovereignty, some to curb immigration, some because they realised correctly that everyone on the Remain side of the argument from one-hit-wonder gobshite Bob Geldof to that preening renter of overpriced desert islands Richard Branson was a weapons-grade, copper-bottomed tick.


Another Brexit Court Case Launched – This Time In Ireland

British barrister Jolyon Maugham QC is set to launch a fresh Brexit court case in coming days, which will initially be heard in the Republic of Ireland. Maugham is seeking “a referral to the Court of Justice of the EU of

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LISTEN: Remain Activist Says Bob Geldof Has DAMAGED Campaign

A Labour party activist aboard Bob Geldof’s anti-Brexit boat yesterday has slammed the “billionaire being condescending to fishermen” who used “his money in order to drown out” “working class people”. She said the “condescending” musician had “harmed” the Ramin campaign.


BATTLE OF THE THAMES: Farage Flotilla Clashes With Bob Geldof

British fishermen have faced off with anti-Brexit campaigners on the River Thames today, as a flotilla of fishing boats led by UKIP leader Nigel Farage made its way up the river to Parliament. The anti-Brexit boats were lead by musician Bob Geldof.


Sir Bob Geldof: Vote Remain If You’ve Got A Big Yacht And Hate Proles

Nigel Farage’s pro-Brexit flotilla down the Thames has run into opposition from Vote Remain boats under the command of multi-millionaire pop star and SFJW (Social Focking Justice Warrior) Sir Bob Geldof. Harsh words have been exchanged; collisions only narrowly averted; one