PICS: Lib-Dem Poster Campaign Compares Theresa May to Nigel Farage

Liberal Democrat politician Vince Cable poses for a photograph after unveiling a campaign

The Liberal Democrats have launched a new poster campaign featuring Nigel Farage’s face imposed on Theresa May’s body, as they accused the Tory party of adopting the “agenda of the hard right.”

The photoshopped image of the Prime Minister with the face of the former UKIP leader is supposed to imply that the Conservative party has shifted to the right and adopted the policy of UKIP – a point made by Mr. Farage several times himself.

With many former UKIP voters abandoning the party and voting for the Conservatives in the recent local elections, and polls suggesting many will do so in the general election, the poster could backfire and help the Tories increase their vote share.

Former minister Vince Cable, who is standing again for the Lib Dems, launched the poster in Twickenham, London earlier today. He said Mrs. May had adopted the “UKIP model of Brexit”, according to Business Insider.

“To understand what is going on you have to listen to the voices of the people who are Mrs May’s cheerleaders and admirers,” Mr. Cable said.

“Nigel Farage. He purrs like an elder statesman, his job done. He said of the Prime Minister ‘she is using exactly the words and phrases I have been using for 20 years. I’m thrilled’.

“He should be. She has adopted wholesale the UKIP model of Brexit. No half measures. Out of the Single Market. Out of the customs union. Out of all the sensible cooperation around science and environment. The agenda of the hard right.”

Liberal Democrat politician Vince Cable gestures to the media while unveiling a campaign poster featuring a combined image of Nigel Farage and Theresa May, while giving a speech to activists at Twickenham Rugby Football Club in south west London on May 20, 2017. (ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty)

The current Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, who wants to reverse the referendum result, also told Business Insider recently that Mr. May was “arrogant” and “anti-democratic” for refusing to participate a leaders’ TV debate.

He said: “How dare Theresa May call a general election for the benefit of only Theresa May and then not have the guts to face up to the electorate?” said to us an interview.

“As you will have seen, I am more than happy to put myself into places where I may get asked difficult questions and meet people who don’t agree with me. That’s what politics should be about.

“I think it’s anti-democratic for her to snub last night’s debate and snub the British people.”


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