UKIP LIVES — £300,000 Raised to Save Party From Insolvency After Sadiq Khan Toasts Death of Movement

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UKIP interim leader Gerard Batten has hailed the extraordinary generosity of party members after an appeal to save the party from going bankrupt raised significantly more than expected, and just days after the Mayor of London said he looked forward to celebrating the death of UKIP.

Remarking the news meant that “UKIP is now safe”, Batten revealed the appeal to raise £100,000 to prevent the party from becoming insolvent had so far raised three times that amount and rising, with money still coming in.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, Batten said: “I am very pleased to announce that my appeal to UKIP members to raise £100k to save the Party from insolvency has met with an incredibly generous response of almost £300k. In addition, the £175k legal bill has been paid by other means. UKIP is now safe.”

“With incredible generosity, our members and branches have responded by donating not £100k but the amazing sum of £294,918.

“Money is still coming in and I do not doubt we will raise more than three times the money I asked for.”

Batten said the influx of funds came at the same time as a “surge” in new members joining the party.

Breitbart London reported in March on the comments of Mayor Khan when invited to celebrate Britain leaving the European Union in 2019 with events in London. Rubbishing the idea, Khan taunted London Assembly member David Kurten for belonging to a party “passing the bucket” to raise money and remarked: “Maybe we’ll mark that day, when UKIP is finally abolished, with a celebration.”

After Khan’s premature jubilation at the demise of UKIP, the party struck back with a new fundraising drive, stating “Sadiq Khan wants to see UKIP abolished. Wipe the smirk off his face. Donate to UKIP today!”

Hitting back at Khan’s bitter comments made at London’s city hall, Batten said today as UKIP sailed past the financial target to save the party that: “Our political enemies have been robbed of the pleasure of seeing UKIP disappear from the political scene. A new optimism and a boost in morale is now palpable in our branches and among our members. So I’m sorry Sadiq, you had better put that champagne on ice, you won’t be needing it now.”

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