Afghan Migrant Who Raped Woman and Threw Her Down Mine Shaft Sentenced to ‘Life’

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A Swedish court has found an Afghan migrant guilty of raping a woman and pushing her down a mine shaft, sentencing the 41-year-old to “life” for rape and attempted murder.

Afghan migrant Taher Amini was sentenced to “life” — actually likely to be 20 to 25 years, theoretically followed by deportation — by the Västmanland District Court on Friday after he raped a woman and threw her down a mine shaft in Långgruvan outside Norberg in April.

Amini drove with the victim shortly before the incident and stated that he wanted to marry her, with the victim later theorising he was motivated by wanting a Swedish residency permit. He then took the victim to the wooded area and proceeded to rape her before throwing her down the mine shaft, Aftonbladet reports.

After noticing the victim had survived the fall into the nearly 80-foot-deep pit, he attempted to kill her twice by throwing rocks down the shaft.

Hours later, the woman was discovered by a passerby. The court said she would have likely died within a day if she had not been found, justifying the “life” sentence against the Afghan despite the fact the woman survived the ordeal.

“This, taken together with the plaintiff’s suffering and death anxiety, means that the penalty value of the attempted murder is very close to what would have applied if the plaintiff had died. Since the man is also convicted of aggravated rape, we have found that the penalty should be life imprisonment,” District Court Judge Johan Alvner stated.

Amini came to Sweden in 2015, during the height of the migrant crisis and the Swedish Migration Agency rejected his application two years later, ordering his deportation. The Afghan appealed the decision and was rejected again, and a court later ruled to not grant leave to appeal again — but he was still not actually removed from the country.

Amini is said to have been previously married with three children but his wife had been and is currently missing. The Afghan has denied killing his former wife and denied attempting to murder the woman he threw down the mine shaft.

His lawyer announced he will be appealing the verdict in the case — which is just the latest high-profile crime to involve an Afghan migrant perpetrator in Sweden.

One previous incident just one year ago saw another Afghan go on a mass stabbing spree in the town of Vetlanda, claiming he did so because a person angered him by saying God did not exist.

Another year prior, a 21-year-old murder victim was attacked by a trio of Afghan migrants — a man and his two sons — who chased him onto a bus and stabbed him around 99 times.

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