Pope Francis: Abortion Is at the Root of Europe’s ‘Demographic Winter’

Pope Francis leads a prayer in Saint Peter's basilica in the Vatican, as part of the World

ROME — Pope Francis has denounced the modern “throwaway culture” that discards unwanted human beings through abortion and euthanasia.

In a wide-ranging interview with Spain’s COPE radio station airing Wednesday, the pope once again compared the practice of abortion to hiring a hit man to assassinate somebody who stands in our way.

“It is a life. A human life. Some say, ‘It’s not a person.’ It is a human life!” the pontiff said in regard to the unborn child killed in abortion.

“So, faced with a human life I ask myself two questions: Is it licit to eliminate a human life to solve a problem, is it fair to eliminate a human life to solve a problem?” he continued. “Second question: Is it right to hire a paid assassin to solve a problem?”

“We are living in a throwaway culture. What is useless is discarded,” he said. In the “collective unconscious” of the throwaway culture, “the old… and the terminally ill; and the unwanted children, they are returned to sender before they are born.”

Regarding Europe’s demographic winter, the pope pointed to abortion as a root cause.

“This throwaway culture has marked us. And it marks the young and the old,” he said. “It has a strong influence on one of the dramas of today’s European culture.”

“In Italy, the average age is 47 years old. In Spain, I think it is older,” he continued. “That is to say, the pyramid has been inverted. It is the demographic winter of births, in which there are more cases of abortion.”

In the interview, the pope also noted that “any embryology manual given to a medical student” says that by the third week of conception, sometimes often the mother even realizes that she is pregnant, “all the organs in the embryo are already present, as is the DNA.”


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