CatholicVote Launches ‘EDIFY’ Platform: ‘PragerU for Catholics’

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The education fund affiliated with the national faith organization CatholicVote launched a new educational platform Thursday that aims to help Catholics and other Americans share the truths of the Catholic faith and the foundational values of America.

“EDIFY” will address today’s highly-charged issues through the lens of Catholic teaching via weekly, short animated videos, podcasts, and more, a press release announced.

One of EDIFY’s initial videos (below) is titled “When Gender Identity Wins, Females Lose,” and is narrated by Mary Hasson of Ethics & Public Policy Center:

The new initiative began with a $3 million investment, and continues CatholicVote’s mission “to inspire every Catholic in America to live the truths of our faith in public life.”

“Now more than ever, America needs the clarifying insights of the Catholic Church,” said Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote. “EDIFY will provide needed answers for Catholics and all people on the biggest issues of our time in a ready and digestible format.”

According to the announcement, Burch hired Scot Landry, a Catholic executive with leadership experience, to run EDIFY.

“Brian invited me to imagine a PragerU for Catholics,” Landry said. “EDIFY will equip every parent, grandparent, priest and concerned peer with easily shareable videos and more that address the most hot-button topics of the day.”

Landry is a distinguished fellow at the Busch School of Business of the Catholic University of America.

According to his bio, he has led many organizations, including Catholic Voices USA, iCatholic Media, and the Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of Boston, and previously served as Chief Mission Officer at Our Sunday Visitor.

Landry said in a statement about “EDIFY”:

Today in America there are many harmful ideas being pushed in our culture and onto our young people, such as critical race theory, gender ideology, socialism, aggressive secularism, and other destructive ideologies. American Catholics want resources to win the war of ideas and elevate the conversations that shape our families, workplaces, parishes, and communities.

“Politics can be an ideal doorway into the richness and breadth of the wisdom of the Church,” Landry said. “EDIFY is designed to help all Americans, and especially Catholics, to think with the Church and help make sense of our world.”

Landry noted that “EDIFY” means “to teach in ways that enlighten, encourage and uplift individuals intellectually, morally, or spiritually.”

“EDIFY is a perfect name to describe what we are hoping to accomplish for our church and our country,” he added. is also co-hosting a Virginia Families First rally with Fight for Schools in Loudoun County, Virginia, Saturday at 2:00 p.m. EDT, outside the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, with speakers Burch, former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and law enforcement officer and Loudoun County parent Joe Mobley.


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