Man Honors Stranger Who Helped When Family Was Homeless: ‘I Pray Every Single Day Giving Thanks’

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A man in Seminole County, Florida, is praising the stranger who helped him get back on his feet during difficult times.

In August 2020, Angel Serrano and his family members had been living in their car for two years when their story was seen by a Channel 9 viewer, the outlet reported Monday.

When the woman later contacted the Sharing Center in Longwood, she told them she wanted to pay an entire years’ rent so the family could stay in an apartment.

“I almost started crying,” Nina Yon, president and CEO of the organization, said at the time. “I was so touched by the generosity of this individual who saw your news and saw the story and the coverage, and she came and spoke to us about wanting to help this family get back on their feet.”

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, over 326,000 individuals experienced sheltered homelessness on a single night last year.

The term “sheltered homelessness” refers to the homeless found in emergency shelters, transitional housing, or additional temporary places.

It was not long after the woman’s help arrived that “what I did was I had a plan of action that I had to follow,” Serrano recalled, meaning getting a job to be able to pay for rent, bills, and other basic expenses.

He reached his goal and is now employed as a retention specialist for a cable company and the family hopes to buy a home soon.

“Even now that I’m here, I pray every single day giving thanks, asking the Lord to guide me, you know, that’s very important,” Serrano commented. “And that’s what kept us through. And now the best part is that when you have faith, you could do anything. Anything.”

He is also planning to spend some time volunteering at the Sharing Center in Longwood because the organization was there to support his family during their hardest days.

According to its social media page, the center works to prevent people from going hungry and from experiencing homelessness in the area.


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