Asbury Christian Revival Spreads Like Wildfire to Other College Campuses

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The extraordinary Christian Revival at Asbury University has generated a spectacular domino effect, with congregations around the United States blossoming into similar nonstop prayer and worship.

Over the past two weeks, Asbury received an influx of some 50,000 Christians from all over the nation who wanted to share in the spiritual experience, overwhelming the small college town of Wilmore, Kentucky, whose population is only about 6,000.

Just as Asbury officials have moved its revival off campus this week for logistical reasons, students at Samford University in Alabama have been practicing 24/7 prayer and worship and similar meetings have been reported at Cedarville University in Ohio, Lee University in Tennessee, and Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

“What’s happening at Asbury is not and will not remain confined,” declared Lee University Campus Pastor Rob Fultz. “It will, and already is awakening the deep wells of revival on campuses across the nation. They have been churning, pressing against the seals that have kept them hidden, and they are about to burst with new life.”

Samford University campus pastor Bobby Gatlin said the spontaneous meetings reflect a real, unmet need for God.

“College students are hungry for authentic faith,” Gatlin said. “They long to experience a Christianity that is real and meaningful.”

“This movement is a grassroots stirring that can only be explained by the Spirit of God working in the lives of individuals and small groups of students who are coming together in faith,” said Gatlin.

“For several years, multiple students have prayed for and asked about revival. I think God is answering those prayers in a powerful way and is bringing about life transformation,” he said.

Other U.S. Christian colleges seem to be preparing for something similar.

Byron Paulus, the founder of the ministry oneCry, wrote this week that he had just been on Baylor campus, where he experienced “growing intensity and urgency in prayer and worship,” which “will lead to accelerating movement of revival.”

“A powerful ‘How to Pray’ document circulating on campus. Never in my 47 years of revival ministry have I seen this widespread of movement,” he added.


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