Wuhan Resident: China Sent Me to a Mental Hospital for a Lawsuit

BEIJING, CHINA - MARCH 20: Chinese commuters wear protective masks as they line up in a staggered formation while waiting for a bus at the end of the work day on March 20, 2020 in Beijing, China. With the pandemic hitting hard across the world, China recorded its first day …
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In an interview with the Epoch Times Thursday, Wuhan residents detailed their experiences fighting Chinese Communist Party (CCP) brainwashing tactics and propaganda. Among those sharing their experiences was a Wuhan man claiming the CCP sent him to a mental hospital after he filed a lawsuit against it.

Chen Yang said the CCP nearly killed his father by denying him urgent medical care after he contracted the Wuhan coronavirus and became gravely ill.

“[M]y father became infected with the CCP virus [Chinese coronavirus]. With his faith in the Party, he was looking for a CCP hospital but medical staff told him there were no beds available and ordered him to go home and wait,” Chen explained. “So, my father went home and waited. He waited over 10 days and now he’s dying, and to make matters worse, they kept telling us to go to another hospital while he was already dying.”

Desperate, Chen appealed to an overseas media company to expose the human rights abuse. “After the CCP found out they were condemned for persecuting their own people, they then let my father be admitted to a hospital,” said Chen.

While his father remains hospitalized, Chen has been quarantined inside his home due to his exposure to the Wuhan coronavirus. He remains in good health.

According to Chen, his father remains a loyal supporter of the CCP, despite having almost been killed by the party when it denied him medical treatment. Chen said he previously filed a lawsuit against the CCP “to protect [his] rights,” but was sent to a mental hospital as a result.

I was also brainwashed under its education. The CCP states it has laws and human rights, and I used to believe they were protecting my rights and interests under the law. So I filed a lawsuit to protect my rights, but as a result, the CCP sent me to a mental hospital under the guise of paranoid psychosis.

“This is how the CCP rules China. If you … file a report or appeal against the CCP, it will label you as having a mental illness,” Chen said. “If you don’t blindly follow its rule, it will manipulate the laws to persecute you. There’s no way to rationally deal with the CCP.”


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