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Chinese Medical Workers Detained for Sharing Coronavirus Videos

Five medical workers in China’s Yunnan province were detained last week for sharing videos about the Wuhan coronavirus on social media, a move that reminded angry Chinese citizens of how the late whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang was persecuted for telling the truth about the epidemic in its early days.

Nurses wearing protective face masks enter a community hospital in Shanghai on February 13, 2020. - China's official death toll and infection numbers from the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus spiked dramatically on February 13 after authorities changed their counting methods, fuelling concern the epidemic is far worse than being reported. (Photo …

Chinese Communist Party Purge Begins over Coronavirus

Beijing has begun sacking local officials in Hubei province over the coronavirus outbreak, including two Communist Party officials who left a teenager with cerebral palsy without care for six days while his family was placed in quarantine. The teenager died as a result of this neglect.

BEIJING, CHINA - OCTOBER 25: Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks at the podium during the unveiling of the Communist Party's new Politburo Standing Committee at the Great Hall of the People on October 25, 2017 in Beijing, China. China's ruling Communist Party today revealed the new Politburo Standing Committee after …

Shanghai Medical Chief Replaces Doctors with Communists to Fight Coronavirus

Zhang Wenhong, the leader of Shanghai’s effort to battle the Wuhan coronavirus, made some waves on Wednesday by suggesting Chinese Communist Party officials should be working on the frontlines against the disease, in keeping with their “oath to put the public welfare first.” On Thursday the state-run Global Times reported Zhang has indeed “replaced all frontline doctors with Party members and the decision is non-negotiable.”

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