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Anti-Lockdown Demonstrators Pay Tribute to ‘Bridge Man’ with Beijing Protest

Despite a brutal crackdown by the Chinese Communist regime, anti-lockdown protests continued in cities across China on Tuesday, including a band of courageous “blank paper” protesters who assembled on a pedestrian bridge in Beijing, inspired by the courageous dissident who hung banners critical of dictator Xi Jinping from a bridge in October.

A demonstrator holds a blank sign and chants slogans during a protest in Beijing, China, on Monday, Nov. 28, 2022. Protests against Covid restrictions spread across China on Sunday as citizens took to the streets and university campuses, venting their anger and frustrations on local officials and the Communist Party. …

Marsha Blackburn: We Should ‘Commend’ Protesters in China

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Wednesday commended the protesters in China fighting back against the totalitarian state’s “zero COVID” policy, noting that the people are speaking up in face of the Chinese Communist Party’s “consistent violation of human rights.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, speaks during a news conference about the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court nominee for U.S. President Joe Biden, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, April 7, 2022. Jackson was confirmed to the …

China Admits Using Pandemic to Expand Police ‘Service Centers’ Abroad

In the course of attempting to spin the alarming discovery of Chinese police stations in foreign countries as merely “service centers” for Chinese living abroad, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on Wednesday admitted the Communist tyranny used the coronavirus pandemic it unleashed as an opportunity to greatly expand its operations in other countries.

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Chinese Communist Party Finalizes Politburo Stuffed with Xi Jinping ‘Minions’

Dictator Xi Jinping officially secured his expected third term as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and chairman of its Central Military Commission on Sunday. Xi enters these unprecedented additional years of power with a Politburo stuffed full of his loyal “minions,” as former student protest leader Wang Dan put it to Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Sunday.

New members of the Politburo Standing Committee, front to back, President Xi Jinping, Li Qiang, Zhao Leji, Wang Huning, Cai Qi, Ding Xuexiang, and Li Xi arrive at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Oct. 23, 2022. The world faces the prospect of more tension with China …

Chinese Communist Party Prepares Coronation for Xi Jinping

The Chinese Communist Party’s 20th Party Congress, which begins in Beijing on Sunday, is being carefully stage-managed as a coronation event for dictator Xi Jinping, who will seize a third term in power at the event and write himself into Communist history as the most consequential leader besides Party founder Mao Zedong.


Coronavirus: China Begins Locking Down 8.5 Million in Xi’an Metropolis

Coronavirus lockdowns returned to the Chinese mega-city of Xi’an on Tuesday, as classes were suspended, public venues shut down, and tourist attractions closed. Chinese citizens, both those residing in Xi’an and outside the city, flooded social media with angry and frightened posts at the latest twist in China’s seemingly endless lockdown horror show.

China is the last major economy still trying to stamp out Covid-19 within its borders