Man Perched on Top of Utility Pole Causes Power Outage in Hawaii

power lines / utility pole

A man standing dangerously on top of a utility pole caused a power outage in Maui, Hawaii, on Tuesday morning.

Officers with the Maui Police Department were forced to close down areas of Makawao Avenue after someone reported a man on the electricity pole, according to Hawaii News Now.

“Maui Electric added the incident caused power outages for nearby residents. Officials did not say how many customers were affected,” the report said.

Later, KITV 4 Island News tweeted several photos of the man on top of the pole as police officers and firefighters stood below:

“A witness says police were sent up to where the man was and eventually ended up getting him down about two hours after he was initially spotted there,” the outlet reported.

Following the incident, it remained unknown how the individual was able to climb that far up the pole or what condition he was in after he got back on the ground.

In September, a similar instance occurred when a man in Lauderhill, Florida, climbed a utility pole then fell to the pavement after touching live wires, according to Local 10.

Witnesses saw the man going up the pole and heard a loud boom just before he dropped 50 feet to the sidewalk.

“It was a big explosion, and I just seen the fire and I just seen the guy just like, he literally was like frozen in the air. He fell on the ground,” one witness recalled.

Authorities said the man suffered third-degree burns to 60 percent of his body in addition to the entrance and exit wounds from the shock.

However, he was conscious when first responders transported him to the hospital in critical condition.

“I don’t know how you survive falling that far by itself,” said witness John Moore. “I don’t know how you survive getting shocked like that. Either one of those is very fortunate to be alive.”


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