VIDEO: Trooper Gives Mom Tickets, Then Buys Car Seat for Her Child: ‘I Wanted to Help’

A Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper went above and beyond the call of duty for a young mom and her little boy last week in Attala County.

Niya Sumter was driving her son to his doctor’s appointment when Trooper Bradley Sanders pulled her over and gave her three tickets, according to WAPT.

However, the trooper noticed Sumter’s child was trying to get out of his “big boy seat” while he spoke with her.

“He was buckled in, but he wasn’t in the proper car seat and he was able to freely move around,” Sanders explained.

After walking back to his cruiser to write the citations, Sanders’ wife called him and the two decided he should buy a car seat for the little boy to make sure he was properly buckled in.

He then asked Sumter to follow him to a nearby Walmart to shop for one.

“She was very grateful. She was saying, ‘Thank you,’ and she understood that the traffic stop was legitimate. She had no issue with what was going on,” the trooper recalled.

“She did state she was trying to do the best she could with her son being in the car seat that he was in,” he continued.

In a Facebook post on November 19, Sumter shared a photo of her little boy sitting in a Walmart shopping cart as Trooper Sanders paid for the car seat.

“Can I say how good god [sic] is,” she wrote, adding that Sanders told her when she goes to court in January, he would throw out the tickets:

Can I say how good god is headed to my son Dr. Apt Got Pulled Over Mr. Bradley Sanders he Gave Me 3 Tickets After…

Posted by Niya Sumter on Thursday, November 19, 2020

“Overwhelmingly there’s great cops out there. Are there a few bad apples here and there? I’m sure. But most of us got into this profession to help people, as I did myself,” Sanders told reporters.

“I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I wanted to help,” he added.

Following the event, Facebook users expressed their thanks and praised Trooper Sanders for his kindness.

“Aww that was so sweet of him, God bless him,” one person wrote.

“That’s what the Badge is all about Luv this Thanks Mr Officer,” another commented.


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