VIDEO: Boy Saves Allowance for Entire Year to Buy Gifts for Children in Need

A little boy in Aurora, Colorado, is on a mission to help children in need during the upcoming holiday season.

Ten-year-old Chassyon saved every penny of his allowance this year, funds earned from washing dishes, to purchase gifts for other children, Fox 31 reported Tuesday.

He told the outlet he wanted to do it “because some kids don’t have anything.”

He delivered over 10 presents to the Aurora Community Relations department on Tuesday, but did not buy any gifts to take home himself.

In a social media post, the Aurora Police Department shared photos of the young man with officers and the presents, praising him for the kind gesture.

“Chassyon did not want to buy anything for himself with all of the money he saved, which according to Nana was a couple hundred dollars, but rather wanted to make sure other kids received gifts for Christmas this year,” its Facebook post read.

The department also thanked the boy for being a good example, adding, “We hope you follow your dreams of becoming a police officer when you grow up, and don’t forget about joining our Explorer program in a few years!”

Social media users expressed joy regarding the story, one person writing, “May your heart stay full of caring for others! You are more mature than many of your elders. Your actions made my day.”

“And as I prepare to share with others this holiday season I will be sure to follow your example and get a few gifts to pass along to police officers I am friends with. What a great idea you had!” the user continued.

Another person said the world needed more children like him, and yet another commented, “If people like Chassyon are our future, we are in good shape. What a wonderful act, and great parenting. Bless you Chassyon.”

When asked if it felt good to give to others, the little boy said, “Yeah.”


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