Citizens Protest Canadian Trucker Vaccine Mandates in Buffalo: ‘The World Is Paying Attention’

Protestors against Covid-19 vaccine mandates gather in solidarity with the Canadian trucker protest at Pat Sole Park, across from the Niagara Peace Bridge, in Buffalo, New York, on February 12, 2022. (Photo by Dustin Franz/AFP via Getty Images)
Photo by Dustin Franz/AFP via Getty Images

Demonstrations against Canada’s trucker vaccine mandate have spread to Buffalo, New York, with a gathering reportedly set for Sunday at the Peace Bridge.

The event was expected to be made up of truck drivers from Nashville who are part of a “freedom convoy,” according to WIVB.

A spokesperson with the group Convoy to Save America told the outlet citizens from Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are also expected to attend.

If you are free today on the buffalo side please join the 4th leg of the convoy today at 11, at The Old gander mountain on Young Street and slow roll convoy to the Peace Bridge.

Posted by Marcella Picone on Sunday, February 13, 2022

“So good for the truckers that the world is paying attention now,” activist Marcella Picone said.

The Convoy to Save America said it “stands with Canada and the Convoy to Ottowa 2022 in compassion, gratitude, and appreciation,” According to its website:

A convoy of unity, togetherness, and peace changed the world. It reminded Canadians who they really are: courageous and free. We watched the joy spread as everyone came together to stand for the freedom to choose. Convoy to Save America carries that same message of unity, togetherness, and peace across the US to help remind all Americans who we really are. We stand together for everyone’s freedom to choose. No mandates, no mask rules, no more lies.

In a social media post on Sunday, Picone shared a live video of what appeared to be protesters at the event: for USA trucks from TN!!#opentheborder

Posted by Marcella Picone on Sunday, February 13, 2022

Meanwhile, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said the city was ready for the convoy’s arrival.

“We’re ready for these trucks, but our goal is to keep our roadways open and to make sure that residents and visitors are safe and healthy,” Brown commented.

The group planned to gather at Pat Sole Park, according to WIVB.

The outlet reported Saturday that hundreds of people joined forces near the Peace Bridge to voice opposition to the mandates regarding border travel.

“I’m here supporting freedom. We need to have our rights back. We need to have the choice,” stated rally attendee Wendy Dominski.


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