Exclusive — Trump: ‘No Hate in My Speech,’ ‘We Want to Do The Right Thing For The Country’

Donald Trump

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump told Breitbart News his statements on stopping illegal immigration were about “love” and doing “what’s right for the country” after he gave a speech to wildly cheering crowds at Phoenix, Arizona.

“The protestors out there are saying they’re against hate,” Breitbart New’s Lee Stranahan said to Trump, “but we heard you talk about love and respect today. You didn’t talk about hate in your speech, did you?”

“No hate,” Trump replied. “No hate… There is no hate in my speech. There is love in my speech. We want to do the right thing for the country.”

“And do you think that the media is going to report what you said about love and respect?” Breitbart News asked.

“Some will,” Trump said. “I would say, a big portion won’t.”



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