Daily Beast: Some Latinos Sympathetic to Donald Trump’s Migration-Enforcement Policy

File Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

The establishment media sometimes admits that Americans with Latino heritage really don’t want their struggling neighborhoods and crowded schools hit by another wave of unskilled, poor, welfare-dependent, Spanish-speaking Latino migrants and their teenagers.

In his Feb. 12 column for The Daily Beast, Reuben Navarette admitted the existence of that rational pro-American perspective among Latino-Americans, as he acknowledged some Latino support for Donald Trump’s immigration-reform plans.

…it is in the Mexican-American community in the Southwest where you are most likely to find Latinos lining up with Trump.

They’re in red states like Texas and Arizona, and the battleground state of Colorado. There’s a lot they like about Trump, including his independence, plainspokenness, success in business, and disdain for political correctness. They see him as strong and resolute, and not having to cater to moneyed interests since he is self-funding his campaign. And either they don’t buy the idea that he is anti-Mexican, or they don’t care …

As a Mexican-American, I can tell you that many Mexican-Americans think that Mexican immigrants who come to the United States illegally are taking advantage—of a porous border, of the social-services safety net, of loopholes in immigration law, and of an insatiable appetite among U.S. employers for cheap and dependable labor. And they’re not wrong about that.

There’s plenty of evidence in the tail-end of business-funded polls showing American Latinos recognize that mass-immigration hurts them economically, and that they want a sharp drop in migration, despite media and activist pressure to for ethnic loyalty and lock-step support for La Raza.

For example, a June 2014 push-poll funded by Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg showed that 78 percent of Hispanics favor “substantially increasing security along US-Mexican border to ensure people who enter US do so legally.” That pro-American attitude is especially true for third-generation Latino migrants, and can be seen in multiple polls.

But Navarette then tried to bury this issue all under the usual progressive complaints about the Americans who have the nerve to say that America is — and should be — a nation of Americans, not a chaotic mix of diverse foreign cultures. “Trump isn’t the solution,” Navarette argues, as he admits that;

there are some Latinos who give him credit for even starting the conversation.

So, as the voting moves to the Southwest, don’t be surprised to hear more about a new meme: “Latinos for Trump.” And guess what? Given Trump’s genius for marketing, you can be bet that there will be a version in Spanish.

Read Trump’s reform plan here, and Navarette’s full article here.


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