Exclusive — TX State Rep. David Spiller: Chinese Nationals, Afghans Coming Across Border

Rep. David Spiller

Illegal immigration is a “crisis” and is “getting worse every day” as Chinese nationals and Afghans are making their way across the southern border, Texas State Rep. David Spiller (R)  said during a Thursday appearance on Breitbart News Daily. He detailed his measure, SB4, which would essentially make it illegal to be an illegal immigrant in the Lone Star State.

“It’s a crisis. It’s bad, and it appears to be getting worse every day.” You know, when I’m looking at the statistics of where we were when I started this and where we are now, I mean, we just keep getting more and more bad information about what’s coming across,” Spiller began, explaining that Chinese nationals and Afghans are pouring across the southern border.

Illegal Chinese immigrants huddle wrapped in bankets in the morning chill on the beach in Rockaway section of New York City morning of June 6, 1993, after reaching shore from the Golden Venture freighter which ran aground in the pre-dawn hours. Of the more than 200 illegal aliens aboard, six died trying to reach shore and 16 others were hospitalized.(AP Photo/Mike Albans)

Illegal Chinese immigrants huddle wrapped in bankets in the morning chill on the beach in the Rockaway section of New York City (AP Photo/Mike Albans).

“I think I’ve had since October 1, 65 Chinese nationals, over 700 Afghans. We’ve had encounters. Border Patrol has had encounters with those folks,” he said.

“They’ve warned us back in October — Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic jihadist — be on the lookout for them. And then, of course, we know that for Fiscal Year 2023, we had 169 documented folks on the FBI terror watch list, and those are just the ones that we know about,” he said, describing the statistics as overwhelming.

“The Biden administration continues doing absolutely nothing,” he said, explaining how the federal government has largely handcuffed the state from addressing the problem. That is why SB 4 is necessary, he stated, describing it as “the strongest-for-security bill in the history of Texas and probably history of our nation that state has done.”


It “provides for the offenses of illegal entry, illegal reentry, and also charging someone with failure to comply with an order to return,” he said, explaining that this is patterned after federal law and nothing new.

He continued, “So here it’s patterned after federal law. This is nothing new. These laws are federal laws that have been on the books for decades. And so, for example, illegal entry — if someone, if an alien, as that term is defined under federal law, crosses or attempts to cross into our state from a foreign nation at a place other than a lawful port of entry, then they are charged and can be charged and convicted with illegal entry. And that’s a Class B misdemeanor. Again, with misdemeanors it’s not necessary in and of itself; that’s not a serious offense, but part of the component of that is. It is designed so that law enforcement can take that person to an independent magistrate. The law enforcement officer determines if probable cause exists, that they’ve met each and every element of that offense. They’re taken to a magistrate, the magistrate, if they make that determination, they give the person the option. They say, ‘Look, we will prosecute you, lock you up, and prosecute you. And assuming that we have a conviction at the end of that, we will return you to the foreign nation through the port of entry to a port of entry from the foreign nation from which you arrived. However, we will give you the option to take you there now if you agree to go back to the country from which you came, presumably from Mexico.'”

“It would change what’s illegal because now, we’ve created a state criminal offense. And so that is new. That is a change,” he said, explaining that the clear choice for the illegal immigrants will be to choose to go back to where they came from.

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