EXCLUSIVE: Gazan Marries Syrian Islamic State Fighter In Online Jihadi Wedding

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AFP Photo / Guillaume Briquet

A trans-national wedding took place online earlier this week, when a Gaza-based jihadi married a Syrian Islamic State fighter from Raqqa, Breitbart Jerusalem has learned.

In the ceremony, officiated by proxy on Sunday, the groom was represented by his brother, an ISIS fighter himself. Several other fighters from Gaza were witnesses, participants said.

The newly wed, Omar, watched the ceremony on Skype with his family. He has tried to leave Gaza for Syria for some time, so far to no avail.

This appears to be the first such wedding between a resident of Gaza, who is prevented from leaving the Strip due to Egypt’s almost hermetic closure of the Rafah crossing, and an Islamic State activist.

“I’d rather marry a pious woman who imbibed the principles of Islam and the Quran rather than a woman who is ignorant of her own religion and seeking empty pleasures, as many young women around the world are nowadays,” Omar said in an interview with Breitbart Jerusalem.

Omar asked that his last name be withheld.

He said that he spoke to the bride just once on the phone, only after they were joined in matrimony. Omar also said that he would not give up on trying to join his wife in Syria.

It was a “great privilege” to marry a “well bred” woman, he said, adding that hopefully “the day we will all live under the rule of the Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi will come soon.”