A picture taken on October 28, 2017, shows a fighter of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) walking through an empty rubble-filled street surrounded by damaged buildings in the Syrian city of Raqa. The US-backed SDF took full control of Raqa on October 17, wrapping up an operation that lasted more …

Syrian State Media: U.S. Attacks on Islamic State in Raqqa a ‘Lie’

The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), in a piece published Thursday, condemned United States-led attacks on the Islamic State in the city of Raqqa that took place nearly one year ago, arguing that America’s intention to remove the terrorist group was a “lie.”

A picture taken on October 28, 2017, shows a fighter of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) walking through an empty rubble-filled street surrounded by damaged buildings in the Syrian city of Raqa. The US-backed SDF took full control of Raqa on October 17, wrapping up an operation that lasted more …

Report: Raqqa Still Littered with Islamic State Booby Traps, Mines, Discarded Munitions

International humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders reports that over six weeks after its official liberation, the former Islamic State capital of Raqqa in Syria is still littered with booby traps, land mines, and discarded munitions. Forty-nine patients with blast injuries have been treated at the group’s clinic in Raqqa in just the past ten days.

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Heartbroken Raqqa Residents Return to City in Ruins

RAQQA, Syria — Tears streaming down her freckled face, 35-year-old Asya took in the shattered glass, gutted storefronts and crumbling cafes — all that remain of her favorite shopping street in Syria’s Raqqa.

People gather around a crater at the scene of an explosion in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, early on August 7, 2013. UN weapons inspectors tasked with looking into claims of chemical weapons use in Syria are 'completing their preparations' in The Hague before heading to Damascus, the United …

Watch: Drone Video Shows Devastation in Raqqa, Syria

Drone footage from the northern Syrian city of Raqqa shows the extent of devastation caused by weeks of fighting between Kurdish-led forces and the Islamic State group and thousands of bombs dropped by the U.S.-led coalition.


With Fall of Raqqa, ISIS Is No Longer a Terror State

Tuesday was a landmark day in the war against the Islamic State, as both the ISIS capital of Raqqa in Syria and its Philippine stronghold of Marawi were liberated. Analysts caution that ISIS has not been destroyed, but with these twin defeats, it has been broken down from a terror state back into a terrorist organization.

This frame grab from video released Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017 and provided by Hawar News Agency, a Syrian Kurdish activist-run media group, shows fighters from the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) celebrating their victory in Raqqa, Syria. U.S.-backed Syrian forces liberated the city of Raqqa from Islamic State militants on …

Islamic State Defeated in Former Caliphate Capital of Raqqa

A major milestone in the defeat of the Islamic State was reached on Tuesday, as the Kurdish-led, U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that the Syrian city of Raqqa has been liberated from ISIS.

YEMEN, SANAA : Yemenis check the damage following reported air strikes carried out by the Saudi-led coalition in the capital Sanaa on March 23, 2016. Saudi Arabia launched an intervention in Yemen last year after Shiite Huthi rebels seized control of large parts of the country, including the capital Sanaa, …

Jihadist: Son of Assassinated Gazan Terror Leader Killed by Coalition Airstrike in Syria

TEL AVIV — Ahmed al-Saedni, the son of Hisham al-Saedni, a senior Salafist jihadist in Gaza who died in an Israeli airstrike, was killed recently in an airstrike by the international coalition led by the U.S. on the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa in Syria, a senior jihadist figure in the Gaza Strip, Abou Baker al-Maqdesi, told Breitbart Jerusalem.

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U.N. Calls for Pause in Bombardment of Raqqa to Help Civilians Flee Islamic State

The United Nations called Thursday for a temporary halt in military bombardments around the Islamic State’s stronghold in Raqqa, Syria, to help thousands of civilians flee the terror group’s de facto capital, with a top official saying he “cannot think of a worse place on Earth” than ISIS-held Raqqa.

Syrians regime forces walk past destroyed buildings in the former rebel-held Ansari district in the northern city of Aleppo on December 23, 2016 after Syrian government forces retook control of the whole embattled city. Syrian troops cemented their hold on Aleppo after retaking full control of the city, as residents …

Assad Adviser: The Syrian Civil War Has Entered Its ‘Penultimate Stage’

In an interview with Lebanese television on Thursday, a top adviser to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Bouthaina Shaaban, said the Syrian civil war has reached its “penultimate stage” after six long and bloody years. She described the capture of the long-besieged city of Aleppo as a “U-turn” in the conflict.

Fighters of the People's Protection Units (YPG), a mainly-Kurdish militia in Syria, fires their guns towards positions of militants of the so called Islamic State (IS) in Al Sinaa neighborhood, eastern Raqqa, Syria, 06 July 2017. Syrian activists say Islamic State group fighters are battling to repel the advance of …

Islamic State is ‘Fighting to the Death’ in Raqqa

BEIRUT — For three years, the Syrian city of Raqqa was the Islamic State’s greatest stronghold, featuring heavily in propaganda and providing a launchpad for attacks carried out around the world.

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Yazidi Women Join the Battle for Raqqa to Avenge Themselves Against the Islamic State

An all-female fighting force from the Yazidi community known as the Sinjar Women’s Units (SWU) announced on Monday that it has joined the battle for Raqqa, the Islamic State’s capital in Syria. The Yazidi women made it clear they wished to avenge themselves for the hideous depredations inflicted on them by ISIS.