Hackers Briefly Take Over Israel’s Biggest TV Channel: ‘Stay In Your Homes’

Hacker group Anonymous declares war on Islamic State

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Suspected Palestinian hackers briefly overtook an Israeli television broadcast Friday evening.

During the airing of a popular television show “Big Brother” on Channel 2, the broadcast was briefly interrupted by a clip showing images of terror attacks and threatening messages in Hebrew.

“Stay in your homes,” begins the ominous text. “The story is not over…there is more to come.”

At the bottom of the message reads in Arabic: “Al-Quds Intifada.”

Al-Quds intifada refers to the rash of terrorist violence Israel has experience for some six months, seeing nearly 30 Israelis killed and dozens more injured.

Channel 2 is by far the highest-rated television station in Israel.

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