Jordanian Army Rescues Injured Israeli Stranded Near Aqaba

jordanian flag
Raad Adayleh-Pool/Getty

The Times of Israel reports:

A Jordanian army helicopter on Saturday morning rescued an injured Israeli tour guide who was trapped in a narrow wadi, or valley, after a receiving a head injury the day before.

The guide was injured Friday as he led a group of 18 Israelis in Wadi Rum, a popular tourist destination in south Jordan, east of Aqaba, that is famed for its red sandstone.

According to the Ynet news website, the guide received a blow to the head and was unable to move. The company that provided insurance for the guide was notified of the incident and immediately contacted the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.

Given the sensitivity of the situation, the report said, the Foreign Ministry took charge. Israel signed a peace agreement with Jordan in 1994, although ties have often been tense.

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