Despite Bus Bombing, Jerusalem Travelers Undeterred

Israeli firemen and emergency services gather around the remains of a burnt-out a bus and car in Jerusalem on April 18, 2016

Ynetnews reports:  A day after a bombing attack on a Jerusalem bus which wounded 21 people, the capital’s residents are once again forced to think twice before using public transport.

For most people in Israel the attack is reminiscent of the second intifada, which saw daily suicide bombings across Israel that claimed the lives of hundreds of Israelis.

Yossi Grantz, who traveled to Jerusalem from Beitar Ilit, explained his feelings following the attack. “There is always a feeling of fear. It is a natural emotion. You always have to turn around, look around and observe who is next to you. On the other hand though, the people of Israel are always strong,“ Grantz said.

One Jerusalem resident, also called Yossi, said that despite the difficulties caused by the bombing, “we are in Jerusalem and here, and perhaps in all of Israel, we already have a lot of experience in this unfortunately.”

Nevertheless, Yossi also said that the attack would not stop him from traveling on the buses. “I don’t think that I will stop traveling on the buses because of the attack yesterday. We will simply have to do things with greater caution,” he continued.

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