Jewish Labour MP Posts Anti-Semitic Abuse She Received Online

Britain's opposition Labour Party Shadow Minister for Mental Health Luciana Berger addresses delegates on the final day of the annual Labour party conference in Brighton on September 30, 2015

The Times of Israel reports: Amid an ongoing row over anti-Semitism in Britain’s Labour Party, a Jewish member of parliament from the party published a series of tweets and private messages she received online in recent years which highlight the disturbing level of abuse endured by Jewish politicians in the United Kingdom.

According to the Daily Mail, shadow cabinet member Luciana Berger, 34, (pictured) said she has been sent thousands of insults, including caricatures of her with a deliberately enlarged nose, as well as images of yellow stars reminiscent of the symbols Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust.

The British politician tweeted a compilation of a number of such insults, some of which threatened to rape or kill her.

“For those in any doubt, this is just a little snapshot of what anti-Semitism in 2016 looks like,” read Berger’s tweet. “It is very real.”

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