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Exclusive: Israel’s Diaspora Minister Slams Antisemitic U.S. Campus Protests as ‘Nightmare of America’

Current antisemitic protests on U.S. campuses are “horrifying” and “the worst that we’ve seen since the 30s,” according to Israel’s Diaspora Minister Amichai Chikli, who described the “orchestrated, organized, [and] funded” demonstrations as the “nightmare” of America and Western civilization, arguing that supporters of Hamas are enemies of both.

APRIL 17: Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Amichai Chikli listens during a discussion

Holocaust Memorial Day: Jews Who Fought Nazis Recall Struggle

KFAR SABA, Israel — While most of his fellow Jews were being killed or brutalized in Nazi death camps and ghettos, Baruch Shub and his friends were hiding in the forests of the former Soviet Union, trying to undermine the Nazis by derailing trains, burning bridges, sabotaging communication lines and killing the occasional collaborator.

In this Tuesday, April 10, 2018 photo, Baruch Shub, a Holocaust survivor poses for a photo

Fusion GPS Founder Unhinged: Putin Uses Jews to Control the World

Glenn R. Simpson, the co-founder of the controversial opposition research firm Fusion GPS, espoused a conspiracy theory claiming that Vladimir Putin “essentially took over the Russian Jewish community” and that Putin uses “the Jewish Diaspora” as a route for Russian influence.

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