Netanyahu: Israel Has Prevented Terror Attacks Worldwide

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - JULY 21: Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during an official memorial ceremony for Theodor Herzl at Mount Herzl military cemetery on July 21, 2011 in Jerusalem, Israel. Herzl, considered to be the founder of modern Zionism, proposed the idea of a Jewish state in Palestine as …
Ronen Zvulun /Pool/Getty

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday revealed that Israeli intelligence “has prevented many attacks around the world.”

Speaking at his weekly Sunday cabinet meeting, Netanyahu discussed Israel’s role in preventing worldwide terrorism

“On the subject of terrorism, we are a powerhouse of information,” Netanyahu stated. “All countries use our intelligence [for fighting terror]. Israel supplies it, and it has prevented many attacks around the world – [this is] something which raises [Israel’s] value [in the eyes of the world].”

“The realization is sinking in among countries of the world that they are threatened by terror, and that they need Israel’s help. My policy is to diversify pacts with other countries,” he added.

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