EXCLUSIVE – Jackie Mason: Media Looking for ‘Fraudulent Excuse’ to Smear Steve Bannon

jackie mason

Comic legend Jackie Mason, who has dubbed himself “The Ultimate Jew” in his standup routines, came out swinging in defense of Steve Bannon against baseless news media claims of anti-Semitism and extremism.

Speaking during his regular segment on this reporter’s radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Mason said that the news media is lobbing false accusations at Bannon as a “fraudulent excuse” to smear the incoming administration because reporters are “insanely furious” at the election of President-elect Donald Trump.

“If a cat walked past his house they would claim that he is persecuting animals,” stated Mason of the news media coverage targeting Bannon.

Listen to the full interview here:

Mason stated:

The press is such a source of distortion and fraud that they can make an issue out of absolutely nothing when there is a Republican involved. Even now that they say congratulations and they try to sound like they are very magnanimous and happy and making the best of it because we have to get together. As soon as they announced we have to get together and accept the fact that Trump won the election and we have to make the best of it because we have to unify the country, ten seconds later as soon as they say it, if they hear any kind of a rumor they don’t even investigate it to find out if there’s any truth to it.

They couldn’t care less. All they found was another excuse to attack Trump again. They wanted to unify the country for ten minutes. A minute and a half later they are furious. … This is all to attack Trump. The purpose of this has nothing to do with Breitbart. …

If a cat walked past his house they would claim that he is persecuting animals. No matter what happens … the truth is they can’t control themselves. They are frustrated and insanely furious right now. And now they found an excuse to pick on this man without any justification. They didn’t substantiate any story. They didn’t spend 10 minutes to verify anything. They didn’t even look into it. They didn’t make one call anywhere just to find out if there’s any basis for it.

Look how they jumped at it. The only thing it did is expressed the simple fact that they can’t tolerate the thought that Trump is the president. And they are already beginning the attack.

And this is a sign of what’s going to happen from now on. Every day no matter what happens anything connected with Trump from now on, they will jump and they will fly and they will start attacking and we will see headlines in the Times that Trump is guilty again. And if not for him this never would have happened. Whoever catches a cold; whoever gets a flat tire. As soon as there’s bad weather. As soon as it rains two days in a row. They will find an excuse to start attacking Trump and anybody connected to him.

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