House Republicans to Obama: Take No More Action On Iran

Associated Press

(AP) — House Republican leaders are urging President Barack Obama to take no more action on Iran that could reinforce the nuclear deal before he leaves office.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce are issuing the request in a letter to Obama dated Tuesday.

The Republicans say they expect to pass a bill soon extending Iran sanctions. They say signing it should be Obama’s only further step on Iran. The leaders say Obama shouldn’t waive sanctions, grant new commerce licenses or issue new guidance to companies about doing business legally in Iran.

The leaders concluded by saying that in a speech Obama “admirably committed to ensuring a smooth transition to the next administration. President-elect Trump deserves the opportunity to assess Untied States policy toward Iran without your administration imposing or implementing additional measures that could complicate the incoming administrations ability to develop its policy.”

The White House had no immediate response to the letter.