Israeli Doctors Help 16 Palestinian Deaf Children Hear Following Marathon Surgeries

Queen Silvia of Sweden holds a cochlear implant in her hands during a visit to the Sydney offices of the artificial hearing implant company Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005. Queen Silvia is the Patron of Society for Deaf, Hearing-Impaired and Speech Disturbances in Sweden and is on a six day tour …
AP/Mark Baker

Yetnews reports: At Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, 16 deaf Palestinian children underwent cochlear implant surgery. Following these procedures, the children could hear for the first time in their lives.

Six of the children were operated on last month, one after the other, in an intensive, marathon-style implant operation. The cochlear implant surgery is quite common nowadays in the western world, but it is not appropriately accessible for struggling populations in developing regions.

As part of the Peres Center for Peace program, for Palestinian children residing in the West Bank and in Gaza, 16 deaf children underwent this surgery over the last year, all of which proved successful.

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