Report: Iranian Revolutionary Guards Planning Attack on Saudi Airliner in Southeast Asia

Iran Revolutionary Guards Vahid SalemiAP
Vahid Salemi/AP

The Jerusalem Post reports: A terrorist plot to hijack or bomb a Saudi Arabian passenger plane in Southeast Asia has reached an “advanced stage” of implementation, the Manila Times reported on Sunday.

The news outlet cited “a reliable airport source,” that warned of the threat of a terrorist attack that would be carried out somewhere in Southeast Asia after Iran warned of “divine revenge” against Saudi Arabia following the kingdom’s execution of the Shi’ite cleric Nimr al-Nimr last month.

The source said it was possible that the terrorist plot would be launched in Malaysia, Indonesia or the Philippines.

The source said that the Saudi embassy in Manila informed the Department of Foreign Affairs that intelligence in Riyadh received information that Iranian Revolutionary Guards were planning to mount the attack.

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