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Al Qaeda Leader Calls for Revenge Attacks Against Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s mass execution of 43 convicted members of al Qaeda has prompted Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of the jihadist group, to call for revenge attacks against the Gulf kingdom and its Western allies, according to a U.S.-based organization that monitors jihadi activity.


Iranian Official: Saudi Arabia Subservient to U.S. and Zionists

TEL AVIV – Iran’s judiciary chief on Monday blasted Saudi Arabia for serving the interests of the United States and Israel by harming the Muslim world. “Unfortunately, the Saudi rulers have turned into a laborer at the service of the Zionists and

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Saudis Surround Iran with Belligerent Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Any threat to Saudi Arabia’s territorial integrity will evoke a strong response from Islamabad, Pakistani army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif said Sunday.

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Obama’s Middle East Approach Favors Iran over Saudi Arabia

The notion that the Obama administration’s talking points increasingly sound like they are coming out of Tehran was further solidified this week, culminating with an op-ed published by Bloomberg confirming that the State Department acquiesced to Iran’s demand to reject new missile sanctions.

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Iran and Russia Seek to Topple the Saudi Monarchy

The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial on Sunday afternoon titled, “Who Lost the Saudis?” It lays out a convincing case for why Russia and Iran are out to get the House of Saud—which, for all of its many, many flaws, is still an impediment to the agenda of America’s primary geopolitical adversaries.

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