Democrat Kentucky Lawmaker Out Protesting One Day After Arrest for Rioting

Attica Scott

A Kentucky Democrat lawmaker who sponsored Breonna’s Law was out protesting on Friday night just one day after her arrest on felony rioting charges in Louisville.

State Rep. Attica Scott (D-Louisville) joined a few hundred protesters in downtown Louisville for the third night of demonstrations after the state’s attorney general announced Wednesday that the officers linked with the death of Breonna Taylor would not be indicted directly because they knocked before entering Taylor’s boyfriend’s apartment.

Scott was arrested with a group of rioters outside First Unitarian Church shortly before the 9 p.m. curfew went into effect on Thursday.

Police charged both Scott and her teenage daughter, Ashanti, with felony rioting, unlawful assembly, and failure to disperse. Both were released from custody by Friday morning.

Police said Scott was a member of “a large group” that caused “extensive damage at multiple locations, including setting fire to the Louisville public library.”

But Scott, who is the only black woman serving in the Kentucky legislature, live-streamed the moments up to her arrest and claimed she did not damage the library.

She also said she was arrested at 8:58 p.m. — two minutes before the curfew went into effect.

Scott told reporters after her release from custody that she “never saw any of this so-called violence against the library” and was “offended that would be a charge against” her because she “was one of the main advocates for the library.”


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