Watch: Witnesses Cheer as NC Police Officer Severely Beaten

Rowland Police Officer Michael Sale is beaten during an attempted arrest. (Photo: Facebook/Sheriff Burnis Wilkins)
Photo: Facebook/Sheriff Burnis Wilkins

Videos posted on Twitter shows a Rowland, North Carolina, police officer being beaten as he attempted to arrest a subject. Witnesses can be heard cheering the man on and refusing to help the officer. One woman is heard offer camera pleading the subject not to kill the officer.

Rowland Police Officer Michael Sale, 27, responded to a call regarding a domestic disturbance late Friday night, WRAL reported. As the officer attempted to arrest a subject, a man later identified as Jamel Alfonso Rogers allegedly started fighting with Officer Sales.

Video shot by witnesses shows the duration and intensity of the fight as Officer Sale continues to try to take the man into custody.

The man shooting the video can be heard cheering Rogers on as he keeps “F-ing that police up.”

The officer continues to subdue the subject while taking multiple strikes from Rogers. It appears from the video there are several people witnessing the attack on Officer Sales. Despite one woman begging Rogers not to kill the police officer, no one comes to Sale’s aid.

One person looks like they might want to help and the man shooting the video waves him off, saying, “Leave that shit alone. Fuck that shit.”

Another person tells Rogers, “You fixin’ to go to jail for real.”

“Yeah, I know,” Rogers replied while holding Sale on the ground. “I’m going down.”

One man eventually pulls Rogers off the officer and the man shooting the video says, “Let him whoop his ass. Let it go, let it go.”

The fight continues for several minutes. During the continued incident, the officer and subject rested and re-engaged as Officer Sale pursued the arrest.

At some point during the struggle, it appears Officers Sale’s sidearm was removed from his custody.

“He’s got that little radio, he better call for backup,” the man shooting the video said. “That’s his backup. We ain’t breakin’ shit up.”

During the Part 3 video, Rogers begins to beat Officer Sale throwing multiple punches to his face and body. Despite the injuries to his face, Sale continues to attempt to make the arrest.

The video series ends showing a bloodied Officer Sale and Rogers both lying exhausted on the ground. Police backup appeared to be close to arrival.

Breitbart News contacted the Roberson County Sheriff’s Office for more information about the assault on the Rowland police officer. Chief Deputy Howard Branch responded and said the Rowland Police Department has approximately five or six officers and is located on the North Carolina, South Carolina state line.

Deputies from his office and Dillion County, South Carolina, responded to the officer needs assistance call and placed Rogers under arrest.

Deputies called for a helicopter to airlift Sale to the University of North Carolina Medical Center where doctors treated him for injuries to his face. Doctors released Sales on Saturday, ABD15News reported.

The local ABC affiliate reported that Sales’ gun and other equipment was lost in the fight but was eventually recovered.

Rogers is charged with assault, resisting an officer, kidnapping, and other charges, the local news outlets reported. He is being held in the Robeson County Detention Center on a half-million-dollar bond.

In a Facebook post, Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said, “This is the harsh reality that law enforcement in America is facing right now where some think it’s okay to Defund the Police, Assault the Police and actually laugh and video the event while it’s occurring while at the same time encouraging the suspect to continue to fight the officer even after the officer has lost his weapon and is obviously disabled.”

Robeson County residents, I don’t want you to hear about the assault on the Rowland Police Officer that occurred early…

Posted by Sheriff Wilkins on Saturday, October 17, 2020

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