WATCH: Shirtless Vandals Dump Three Crocodiles into School Office

NT Police
NT Police

Four shirtless thieves broke into the office of an Australian school and let loose three crocodiles.

The CCTV footage shows the men pushing the crocodiles through a broken window at Taminmin College, BBC News reported.  The men jumped into the window over the crocodiles moments later and vandalized the office.

The shirtless men, wearing shorts, flip-flops, and rags over their heads, broke into the office to steal computer equipment, KFOR reported.

The crocodiles’ mouths were taped shut at the time of release.

The animals are now in the care of a ranger. They are in such bad condition, according to the ranger, that they might be euthanized.

“Basically skin and bones, not much meat left on them; they were really quiet and easy to catch,” Ranger Luke McLaren said to The Guardian. “Really poor skin condition, like they haven’t been kept in water for quite a while, haven’t been fed, and one of them looked to be blind [as a result of neglect].”

The crocodiles are believed to be from a farm, according to McLaren.

“We’ll determine what farm they’re from and we’ll try to take them back to that farm but looking at their condition it’s likely they’ll have to be destroyed,” McLaren said.

Police are still searching for the men in the footage. If found, they face a fine of up to $77,000 or five years in prison.