Kashkari Campaign Releases Dog-Loving Video

Kashkari Campaign Releases Dog-Loving Video

Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari loves his 130-lb. dogs, Winslow and Newsome. The Kashkari campaign loves them, too–enough, at least, to release a 97-second Internet ad featuring footage of the dogs and narration by Kashkari about how wonderful they are.

“My dog licked her face, from the bottom all the way to the top of her face,” he says joyfully at one point, describing (and miming) the dogs’ interaction with a little girl.

“And that girl burst out laughing–pure joy. And I looked at her mother. She was horrified–horrified–that her little angel just had dog slobber all the way up and down her face. 

“I just laughed, and said, ‘Hey, you let your daughter run up to my dog, and my dog kissed your daughter. You can’t get mad at my dog for that.” 

The dogs have Twitter accounts: @winslowkashkari and @newsomekashkari.

The video is below: