Gun Control Bills On The Move In California

Gun Control Bills On The Move In California

Assembly Bill 2305 passed out of committee in California last week and “directly conflicts with the constitutional protections for carrying a firearm for self-defense as recently confirmed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals,” according to the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action.

According to a warning by NRA-ILA, AB 2305 “would significantly expand California law by imposing criminal liability if an individual unknowingly carries a firearm on or about his or her person.”

Assembly Bill 1609 passed as well, and it imposes “unnecessary limitations on the transfer of firearms by law-abiding citizens [by] requiring that all transfers be completed through a California gun dealer, regardless of the circumstances,” NRA-ILA notes.

Assembly Bill 1964 would also add many single shot pistols to California’s roster of “not safe” handguns.

And Assembly Bill 2310 “would reenact provisions authorizing a city prosecutor or city attorney in specified counties to file an action for unlawful detainer to abate a nuisance caused by an illegal conduct involving firearms or ammunition.”

These bills all passed out of committee and “now await their third reading on the assembly floor.” 

A recent survey by the Public Policy Institute of California indicated that 56% of adults in the state believe the government is not doing enough to control guns, while 37% say the government already goes too far.

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