How Paramount Blew It with 'Noah'

How Paramount Blew It with 'Noah'

What could have been a financial windfall for Paramount has turned into a film that might not break even. Hopefully, the box office history of “Noah” will tell Hollywood two things:

1. If you build it, we will come: The Faithful will flock to what they believe is a well-made biblical epic. “Noah’s” Opening weekend proves that. No one expected a $44 million opener. People showed up to enjoy their Bible on the big screen. Until…

2. Don’t bait-and-switch The Faithful: “Noah” could not hold on to the promise of its boffo opening weekend because it is a bait-and-switch flick that was only able to sucker The Faithful for a few days. After word got out that “Noah” is nothing close to the story of Noah but really an anti-God epic filled with nonsensical pieces of Kabbalah, Gnosticism, and environmental lunacy, the box office collapsed.

Imagine the money Paramount would be making if the film kept its promise?

Currently, “Noah” sits at $247 million worldwide. That means it has made back its $125 million production budget. With a promotion budget that has to be somewhere around $50 to $75 million, “Noah” will need to clear another $100 to $150 million. In North America, Box Office Mojo is now questioning if it can haul in another $10 million.

So at the very best, “Noah” is going to squeak out a break even.

It didn’t have to be like this. The opening weekend proves there’s a demand for these kinds of films. But director Darren Aronofsky and Paramount just couldn’t bring themselves to be decent. And now what could have been a blockbuster is a financial wash.