Increased Security Around Yasiel Puig After Smugglers Send Death Threats

Increased Security Around Yasiel Puig After Smugglers Send Death Threats

Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Yasiel Puig was smuggled out of Cuba, and baseball officials and authorities are concerned that those who may have been threatening his life could also endanger his teammates and baseball fans. 

Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke asked if smugglers are still intent on taking revenge on Puig and whether violence can come to Dodger Stadium. 

Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly admitted that there has been extra security around Puig since last year and Plashcke observed that “shortly after Puig’s arrival last summer, the bodyguard quotient around the Dodgers’ dugout noticeably increased.” 

“This winter, that same security detail could be seen around Puig in public. One can only hope this season the added security remains, both on the field and in the stands, particularly when Puig is standing alone in right field,” he added. 

Puig said in a statement that he would not comment on the situation.

“I’m aware of the recent articles and news accounts. I understand that people are curious and have questions, but I will have no comment on this subject. I’m represented on this matter, and I’m only focused on being a productive teammate and helping the Dodgers win games,” Puig said in a statement. 

Major League Baseball also released a statement in which the league declared that the “safety and security of everyone involved in our sport is of paramount importance to Major League Baseball.”

“MLB and its clubs have individuals and resources in place to provide appropriate security, but as a matter of policy, cannot comment on such measures that have been taken without potentially compromising those efforts,” the league said this week. 

Los Angeles Magazine first detailed Puig’s harrowing journey and the death threats he has received and ESPN Magazine then also wrote a piece chronicling Puig’s escape from Cuba.