George Clooney to Steve Wynn: Leave Barack Alone, A**hole!

George Clooney to Steve Wynn: Leave Barack Alone, A**hole!

Things got ugly a couple of weeks ago among the bubbled one-percent when fading movie star George Clooney and casino billionaire Steve Wynn engaged in a war of words over President Barack Obama. 

Wynn said the blow up happened while he was having dinner with Clooney and a few others in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that according to Wynn, he criticized the Affordable Care Act during dinner and Clooney had a “hissy fit.”

“When he’s drinking,” Wynn adds, Clooney “considers himself a close personal buddy of the president.”

Clooney doesn’t deny the confrontation. Clooney’s version of events, released through his publicist, is that after Clooney said Obama was his friend, Wynn called the president an “asshole.” Clooney shot back by calling Wynn an “asshole.”

“I wasn’t going to sit at his table while he was being such a jackass. And I walked out,” Clooney said in his statement.

Clooney was in Vegas promoting a tequila brand he’s involved with.

Wynn said that after the blow up, Clooney’s partners were “horrified.”


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