FBI Gun Recovered from Bakersfield Gang

FBI Gun Recovered from Bakersfield Gang

Local ABC affiliate KERO in Bakersfield reports that accused “East Side Crips” gang member John Thompson was pulled over by authorities on April 12, driving with a suspended license and a restraining order against him. An initial police search on the vehicle revealed a loaded Glock handgun whose serial number matched that of a firearm which had been reported stolen from an FBI agent in January, when his home was burglarized.

Thompson was booked on two felony charges: carrying a loaded firearm without registration and carrying a stolen loaded firearm. He was still in jail on Wednesday. His bail was set at $75,000. 

Gang-related crime is no stranger to the streets of SoCal. According to NBC News’ Los Angeles affiliate, a 21-year-old gunman was sentenced on Friday to 40 years to life in prison on four counts of attempted murder for a shooting that wounded four people at a Halloween party nearly two years ago on the campus of the University of Southern California. 

The deputy district attorney said that assailant Brandon Spencer was seeking vengeance when he opened fire on reputed Rollin’ 40 Crips member Geno Hall.