Top 25 California Conservatives on Twitter

Top 25 California Conservatives on Twitter

Despite the fact that California these days is politically dominated by the axis of big government–public employee unions and radical left-wingers–there are still a lot of conservatives here in the Golden State. And we care about the future of our communities, our state, and our country.  

While I follow a great many California tweeters, I thought I would make a list of those whom I would consider the top 25 California conservatives on Twitter (in alphabetical order).

There were really three subjective passes at the list to cull it down.  

First and foremost–does the tweeter live in California? Next was whether an individual was, in my opinion, conservative. For this purpose, I primarily looked at whether the person was someone who embraces a limited role for government in our lives, and embraces liberty and freedom. The third pass through the list was whether or not the individual is “effective” on Twitter.

Without any further introduction…

AdamBaldwin @adambaldwin – We don’t have enough Hollywood actors who are conservative, let alone who are open about it. Adam is a strong voice for liberty and freedom on Twitter.  Check him out on IMDB here.

Kevin Dayton @DaytonPubPolicy – Kevin heads up the Dayton Public Policy Institute, and is one of California’s leading experts on government and labor issues. I am a lot smarter today for reading his Twitter feed.

Tom Del Beccaro @tomdelbeccaro – Tom is Immediate Past Chairman of the California GOP. He blogs on his site, Political Vanguard, and has a regular column at Forbes.

Mike Der Manouel, Jr. @lincolnfresno – A former Treasurer and Vice Chairman of the California GOP, Mike’s use of Twitter to debunk and expose the left is simply awesome.  

Kira Davis @KiraAynDavis – Kira is a leading national conservative voice on Twitter.  She has a lot to say, and minces no words. You should also check out her You Tube page.

Larry Elder @Larry Elder – This longtime fixture on Los Angeles talk radio continues to take it to the left, and he’s definitely good at using Twitter to do it.

Jon Fleischman @flashreport – What can I say about myself?  I’m Politics Editor for Breitbart California, Publisher at FlashReport, and nationally recognized for my addition to tweeting.

Stephen Frank @CAPoliticalNews – Steve is the publisher of the well regarded California Political News and Views site. An expert on politics and policy, Steve is definitely a “must follow” here in the Golden State.

Richard Grenell @richardgrenell – For eight years Richard was the chief U.S. spokesperson at the United Nations, working for four U.S. Ambassadors there. Lots of interesting perspectives on his feed, especially on foreign policy issues.

Hugh Hewitt @hughhewitt – Hugh is not only a prominent nationally syndicated talk show host, and blogger, but he’s also a sharp legal mind as well. Great stuff.

John Hrabe @johnhrabe – Publisher of CalNewsRoom and Senior Editor at FlashReport, John is on the cutting-edge of interesting, breaking stories in California politics.

Darrell Issa @darrellissa – Congressman Issa, especially in his role as Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, has a lot to tweet about, and he does!

Tony Katz @tonykatz – An outstanding radio talk show host, Tony bridges into another medium with the steady diet of substantive tweets.  

Stephen Kruiser @stephenkruiser – What can one say about the most prolific conservative stand up comedian on Twitter, hailing from the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica? Be sure to watch Kruiser Control.

Andrew Malcolm @AHMalcolm – Andrew has spent nearly four decades writing for three major newspapers, and is currently with Investors Business Daily. Andrew has forgotten more than most of us could ever hope to know!

Adrian Moore @reasonpolicy – Vice President of Policy for the Reason Foundation. Facts can be dangerous things, and Adrian has a lot of them. 

Ron Nehring @RonNehring – Former Chairman of the California Republican Party, and GOP candidate for Lt. Governor.

Joel Pollak @joelpollak – Joel has long been with the Breitbart News Network and is the Editor-In-Chief of the newly launched vertical, Breitbart California.

Bill Postmus @billpostmus – A former local elected official and former County GOP Chairman in California, Postmus is prolific on Twitter.

Dennis Prager @dennisprager – One of America’s most articulate talk show hosts, his Twitter feed is a “must follow” one. You should definitely check out Prager University as well.

Amy Otto @AmyOtto8 – Produces great stuff at the Pocket Full Of Liberty Blog and of course on Twitter.  Also a podcasting host. 13 quantities of common sense from crazyland.

John Sexton @verumserum – Long a prominent conservative blogger, John now writes for Breitbart.

Ben Shapiro @benshapiro – Ben is a well known political commentator, radio talk show host, author and is a columnist for Breitbart, of course.

Kurt Schlichter @kurtschlichter – A successful attorney, veteran and former stand up comic. Most entertaining to follow. Kurt’s weekly Townhall column is a must read.

James Woods @RealJamesWoods – This Oscar-Award nominated actor produces a steady stream of insightful and relevant observations about society and politics. Check him out on IMDB.

Have any suggestions of people that should have been on this list, but aren’t?  Please send them my way. 

Jon Fleischman is the Politics Editor of Breitbart California. A longtime participant, observer and chronicler of California politics, Jon is also the publisher at His column appears weekly on this page. You can reach Jon at


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