Yasiel Puig Story to Be Turned into Movie

Yasiel Puig Story to Be Turned into Movie

Yasiel Puig’s harrowing journey from Cuba to the United States and eventually to Chavez Ravine will be turned into a blockbuster movie. 

According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, Brett Ratner acquired the rights to Jesse Katz’ Los Angeles Magazine article, “Escape From Cuba: Yasiel Puig’s Untold Journey to the Dodgers”:

The article, which appeared earlier this month in Los Angeles magazine, chronicles Dodgers superstar Puig’s repeated attempts to escape his home country of Cuba. He finally succeeded when a wealthy but shady sponsor arranged for smugglers working for one of Mexico’s murderous drug cartels to pick Puig up in a speed boat and take him to the Yucatan Peninsula. But when his backer allegedly did not immediately pay the agree-upon fee, the smugglers held Puig captive for almost three weeks. His journey ended successfully  — he now has a seven-year, $42 million contract with the National League team – but the piece also highlighted the dangers for other Cubans trying to find a better life in the U.S.

Beau Flynn will also produce the movie with Ratner.