Tech CEO Arrested in Northern California Road Rage Beating

Tech CEO Arrested in Northern California Road Rage Beating

A high-tech executive was taken into custody after he allegedly brutally attacked a truck driver whose truck grazed his bicycle in a road rage incident on April 16.

Jeffrey Smock, 40, the founder and former chief executive of the software company Iron Data, was reportedly incensed that the truck’s mirror had hit Smock’s bicycle. Mill Valley Police Lt. Ken Dunkel said that shocked onlookers asserted Smock started the confrontation and would not stop beating the truck driver, 55, even after he was down and witnesses were shouting and honking at Smock to stop.

Smock and the driver were reportedly arguing over whether the truck actually struck the bicycle around 5 p.m. Dunkel said Smock’s attack “inflicted such severe injuries on the driver of the vehicle that the driver ended up being transported to the hospital. We had witnesses concerned that the person might die.” He also would not say what weapon Smock used in the attack.

Police officials said a nearby motorcycle officer found “many persons standing around a man lying in the street with blood on his face and on the ground near him.”

Smock was briefly taken into custody and then released. Mill Valley police only released information about the attack after it was reported in The Chronicle.

The truck driver has been released from the hospital; the Marin County district attorney’s office has not decided whether Smock will be charged.


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