Singer Accuser's Lawyer: 'Dozens and Dozens' of Victims Coming Forward

Singer Accuser's Lawyer: 'Dozens and Dozens' of Victims Coming Forward

Jeff Herman, the Florida attorney representing Michael Egan, the 31 year-old man suing “X-Men” director Bryan Singer and three others for sexually abusing him as a teenager, says that “dozens and dozens and dozens” of other victims will be coming forward.

The Daily Beast reports that Herman says the victims are “ready to come forward” and that the allegations cut “across all of Hollywood: studios, agents, directors, producers, and actors.”

These new allegations are against an entirely different group of entertainment industry figures, Herman told The Daily Beast. “I know of [a] Hollywood sex ring, completely unrelated to these [Singer and the other three defendants’] cases,” Herman said.

“We are finishing investigations, and will be filing suits soon. It will involve big names. It involves a different part of Hollywood: agents of kids, that sort of thing. There’s really vile stuff going on in the industry. The scope is big, I’m hearing from a lot of people. It fits the pattern of children being sexually exploited.”

Herman declined to offer names or give The Daily Beast any further information about this alleged “sex ring.”

Brian Singer and the other three men accused by Egan have vehemently denied the charges. Thus far, Egan is the only accuser against these four. No other accusers or witnesses have come forward and judging by this Daily Beast piece, the new accusers are not accusing these four.


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